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SUBJECT: October 2020

President's Letter

Hello Lovejoy Elementary PTO families!

The weather is beginning to feel like fall and your LES PTO has been busy setting up our programs in a "new" way.  Room level moms and Art Sparks kick off this month so read below to find out how you can be a part of the revamped programs.  "Red Ribbon Week" also begins October 26th and includes activities and the amazing magician James Wand all sponsored by the LES PTO.  

We love our LES staff and giving them encouragement is our pleasure and honor!  Please pay special attention to our annual letter-writing campaign benefitting the staff of our LES.  In September, the LES PTO provided lunch from the Original Chop Shop and we will continue to provide meals and treats every month.  For another opportunity to benefit our LES staff, while you are picking out Spirit Wear for your family, help our LES PTO by dropping a LES staff t-shirt in your cart to donate to a well-deserving LES staff member.  Look for new Spirit Wear items to appear in November. 


We couldn't provide meals, programs, and support to LES without your help!  Thank you to everyone who has joined the PTO and for your donations to Leopard Drive and purchases of Spirit Wear and PAW signs. October will bring the first carline spot auction benefiting the LES PTO to be used during the second grading period.  Thank you to Raising Cane's and everyone who visited Raising Cane's on our September Spirit Night.  You can find details of October's Spirit Night at the Allen Hat Creek in this newsletter. 

This year has started differently for everyone including our LES PTO.  Though we think we have a great game plan going forward, things could still shift and change as the year progresses.  This year has taught me to be ultra flexible and not stress about time lines and deadlines in an every-changing environment (and for anyone who knows my classic type "A" personality, you know this has been challenging for me!).  We hope that your families are thriving and succeeding this fall and we look forward to supporting our LES staff, students, and family with your help this year!

Tracy Sanderson


The LES PTO is going digital!

The LES PTO is going digital!  

Click on the link below ( https://ptoles.membershiptoolkit.com/home) and create your account in our new LES PTO online digital platform - Membership Toolkit.  Your account will grant you access to ALL of the Lovejoy ISD PTOs as well as allow you to buy online spirit wear, sign up to purchase Paw Signs, have access to PTO fundraisers, and view our PTO calendar along with so much more!   

Most importantly.... you can also sign up to be a member of our LES PTO!  Your membership and donations through Leopard Drive benefit the students and staff of LES.   As a PTO member, you can also choose to be a part of and/or have access to our new digital directory among many other benefits.

This is a new technology that all of our LISD PTOs are learning and we are finding new ways to use it every week. If you should have any problems signing up, please contact us @ ljelementarypto@gmail.com.

7th Annual Letter Writing Campaign!

We are so excited to get this campaign started this year! 

The teachers and staff need more encouragement now than ever before!

Starting October 19th there will be a tub at the front entrance of the school to collect letters. Please encourage your children to write letters of thanks or draw pictures for any staff member that has made an impact on them. This is also a time for parents to show their appreciation to our amazing Lovejoy Elementary Team.

Will will be collecting letters until November 13th!

Fall Break

October 9th and 12th

Picture Day

October 15th

Whether your student is Face to Face or Online, we will be taking school pictures on Thursday, October 15th. 

On Campus Learners: An order form is in your child's Take Home Folder today. You can fill out the form and return to school on or before picture day or you can order online. Your child's picture will be taken during the school day on October 15th. 

Virtual Learners: Please click here to sign up for a time on October 15th to come up to school and have your picture taken. The camera will be set up right inside the gym door, so you will pull up out front, go to the outside gym door, and the photographer will be waiting on you to take your picture. If there is a line, there will be spots on the ground 6ft apart where you can stand in order to social distance.

Click HereClick Here to Order Pictures Online Use Picture Day ID: EVT7KZT26

November 2nd and 3rd

Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

Spirit Night at Hat Creek

Come join us at Hat Creek (Allen Location)

October 19th from 5:00-9:00 PM

Drive-thru AND Dine-in available!!

Be sure to place receipt in bucket by the register or 
tell drive-thru cashier to add their receipt to the bucket for 
Lovejoy Elementary. 

The Dallas Cowboys are on Monday Night Football, so come grab burgers to eat while you watch at home OR watch there while the kids play. Can't wait to see you there!

Don't Be Tricked....Drugs are No Treat!

Join us for a virtual assembly on October 30th with James Wand!

More details to come!

Art Sparks is...

A CELEBRATION of the visual arts focusing on elementary school students. An art appreciation program which exposes over 6000 Allen school children and adults to great works of art.

An EXPLORATION of what is seen with one’s eyes, as well as with one’s heart and intellect. Students use not only their eyes, but also their intellect and heart to put into words thoughts about what a work of art means on a personal level.

A COLLABORATION of city local sponsorship and citizen talent. ArtSparks is sponsored by the Allen Arts Alliance and staffed by dedicated community volunteers. Volunteers include parents, grandparents, retired educators, and local business leaders among others.

We are excited to announce that Art Sparks WILL be returning this year! We have a great On-line! version of the program that provides an up-close and informative look at Art & Art History. 

We would love to have parents take advantage of presenting to your child's class. There will be a total of four presentations for the school year. These will be done virtually. You will need to be comfortable with ZOOM and screen sharing. All of the material will be provided.

If you are interested in volunteering for your child’s class please contact Christina Broils or click below!


Yes, I'll help with Art Sparks!

Interested in VOLUNTEERING with LES PTO?  

Lovejoy PTO welcomes you to get involved!

No need to make any specific time commitments - just let us know what areas you’re interested in and we’ll contact you as needs arise.  Thanks in advance for your time!

Lovejoy I.S.D. requires a criminal record background check of school volunteers. All volunteers must apply each year.

***Volunteer Opportunities***
Lovejoy ISD Volunteer Application
Contact Adriane
Calling all Room Parent Volunteers!

While this year’s Room Parent Role will look a little bit different, we still need your help so we can make our teacher and children’s year the BEST yet!  Your main role would be to facilitate communication between our wonderful teachers and classroom parents.  

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact:  Raegan Mosty at raemosty77@gmail.com or click below.

We look forward to a WONDERFUL year!

Volunteer for Room Parent

***While you are shopping you can also purchase a shirt for an LES Staff member.***

***We are surprising our staff with shirts this year to show our appreciation for them!***

Donate a Staff Member Shirt HERE
***Staff Birthdays***

We hope everyone has a wonderful birthday, and we want to wish a "Happy Birthday"  and a SPECIAL "Happy Belated Birthday" to the following teachers. 

Please help celebrate these wonderful educators!  Thank you for making a difference in our children’s lives! 

Look for a surprise soon from the PTO!


Kristin Arnold                     August 16th

Kristin Dawson                  August 22nd


Becky Harper                     September 5th

Debbie Nash                      September 11th

Linda Morelli                      September 14th

Miles Knight                       September 19th

Courtney Burkhart              September 28th

Heather Hamil                    September 29th


Debra Rolfe                        October 2nd

Heather Nash                     October 9th

DeAnthony Jones               October 11th

Grace McFarling                 October 12th

Sandra Barba                     October 14th

Shari Waites                       October 14th

Carolyn Hicks                     October 20th

Lauren Rivera                     October 22nd

Be on the lookout for further details from the PTO!

Leopard Drive

The Leopard Drive is our annual fundraiser that allows the PTO to bring great programs and events to Lovejoy Elementary.   No selling magazines or chocolate bars!  Keep it simple with a donation to the Leopard Drive - every dollar raised stays at LES to benefit all students.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!


LES PTO sponsors many great programs that we hope to continue in 2020-2021.

Please consider helping by making a donation today.  

Donate Now!
Paw Signs

Show your Lovejoy spirit and make your Leopard's birthday or special occasion extra memorable by ordering Paw Signs! The Lovejoy PTO will place the "You've Been Pawed!" signs in your yard the night before and pick them up the following night.

Please place your Paw Sign order at least 10 days prior to your child’s special occasion.

Sign Up!

List Lovejoy Elementary PTO as your non-profit of choice for shopper loyalty programs! Select LES PTO for Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile.

Lovejoy Elementary PTO can receive up to .5% of EVERY purchase you make!

LES collects Box Tops! Download the Box Tops for Education mobile app and scan your receipts for LES.  LES also collects box tops at the front office at Lovejoy Elementary throughout the school year.

Kids Health Corner

October is national Fire Prevention Month. While it is important to teach fire safety year round this is a good reminder to talk to your kids about prevention and what to happen if a fire does occur.

The resources and ideas below can help make learning about fire safety fun!

Draw an escape plan. Watch this video together and then make a plan!

Check smoke detectors. Press the "test" button on each alarm. Teach your children what the alarm sounds like and what to do if they hear it.

Stop, Drop and Roll race. This teaches the steps you should take to minimize injury should your clothes catch on fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Z6XFLEHkA

Cardboard Tunnel Crawl. Save up those cardboard boxes and design a tunnel for kids to crawl through simulating the need to avoid smoke in a house fire.

Fire Safety Song https://youtu.be/gfA32dgNDVk

Sparky School House has tons of other resources. https://sparkyschoolhouse.org

Special And Gifted Education

NEW!! We will be sending out monthly info regarding our special and gifted education students. The hope is to encourage all families to learn more about terminology, awareness, and inclusiveness.

National Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 4- October 10.

October is...

ADHD Awareness Month
National Dyslexia Awareness Month

Click the image to see more resources!

Upcoming Events
Friday, October 9
Fall Break - Student Holiday
Saturday, October 10
Fall Break - Student Holiday
Sunday, October 11
Fall Break - Student Holiday
Monday, October 12
Fall Break - Student Holiday
Thursday, October 15
LES School Pictures
Monday, October 19
5:00p Hat Creek Spirit Night
Friday, October 30
James Wand Virtual Assembly
Monday, November 2
Holiday/Election day - Student Holiday
Tuesday, November 3
Holiday/Election day - Student Holiday
Monday, November 9
9:30a PTO Exec Board Meeting